Marijuana policy will determine if Michael Bloomberg can win the Presidency of the United States.

His position on ending the Marijuana Prohibition will either sink him or carry him. It has already started. Stop and Frisk was the most unpopular police action in New York’s history, not because of the guns, because of the racist marijuana arrests, used as a pretext to ‘Throw them against the Wall’. Cops all over the country do the same thing. He has to repudiate his racist actions in a convincing way, the only way possible is to come out with a full throated policy to end the most unpopular law in the nation. If he does, the Millennials will support and fight for him, so will folks of Color, all of us will carry his boring, previously grievous behavior and short body to 1600 Pennsylvania.

The Marijuana Movement has ALL of the WIZ Bloomberg and Klobachur need to win. The combination of Boring Bureaucrat and Marijuana Wiz is just what the country wants.

Bernie’s secret appeal is his declaration to ‘End the Pot Prohibition’ on day one and if any of the others want to win they must follow suit.

WARNING: If the uptight curators let the opportunity go and let Trump be the One to end the most unpopular, fake law of all time, then he will win, Bigly.

Ganja Warrior Priest

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