Medium is a Glory Hole Words are Sexxxx

Clifton Middleton
2 min readJun 15, 2018

Words are sex. So Sly, a special, spiritual kind of intercourse and play, based on the words we hear and say. Some for fun, to get a laugh, some for status, some from pain, some for gain. We will do it for pleasure and accidentally create knowledge. We write to unload, to mate with the Great Mind, however you define it. No one writes for themselves. Or do they?

Glory Hole, Medium is a magnificent, emotional Glory Hole where we go to find relief from every pressure, go ahead say it just one time, Glory Hole, a place for unfettered, unconditional, impersonal, irresponsible, unaccountable ejaculation squirting with as much personal lust as our screaming for relief kernel of being can easily do. It is the parable of the seed indeed. And this Playword Mansion will have her way with you also, too, For we must assume the position to read, swallowing what you write, take in Words, some will grow and you become pregnant, giving birth again when I say your words.

The sex thing is two way, everyone knows you and you have known them, that is what makes it Creationalistic. So in this world a clap is an orgasm, a comment the baring of breasts. Who knows what kind of palabric ecstasy it is to be recommended or selected as an editors choice. Joys that yet are mine.

So I hope this was good for you, clap, leave a comment, maybe highlight, a highlight is like a kiss or two and remember, Everything is Sex …. The more you kiss the more you get kissed. Hard Seed