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How does Systemic Racism work? It starts with the cops. The problem with the cops is they are always trying to bust you for pot. That is the number one motivation for the flashing lights. “Do you have any marijuana or guns?” And the institutionalized cops proceed to score a bust. It is the core of their training.

The cops get bonuses for busts. It is that simple. The cops are enforcing a law that makes them a lot of money. They split the cash found and confiscate the vehicle, mo money, mo money. This is what systemic racism is all about, laws that disenfranchise citizens. It is not about race, it is about the Agency of the Vote. The cops are little more than blood riders for the Neo slavers turned ‘law and order’ politicians.

A recent study of police traffic stops revealed the whole sordid deal. In states where marijuana is not a crime that cops behave better and so do the people.

The Stanford Open Policing Project, a group of researchers and statisticians that evaluated more than 60 million records of traffic stops by highway patrol in 22 states seem to agree. Searches by highway patrols in Colorado and Washington dropped by nearly half after the two states legalized marijuana in 2012.

It is not the cops that are the root problem. It is the laws the sanction the harassment. The pot laws are the foundation of the police state and are constantly used to rob, criminalize and disenfranchise from the vote.

More citizens have been disenfranchised because of marijuana arrests than all of the other causes put together. When the cops want to bust someone they just find some pot. When this happens to your white, fluffy ass you will know what Systemic Racism looks like.

The solution is for the cops and BLM to join forces to nullify and then abolish the racist marijuana laws. Let the inner cities grow medical marijuana without the BS rules and permissions that only wealthy white lawyers can afford. They will make a lot of money and invest that money in their community. The cops and the gangs will become friends as they join together to protect a good thing.

Ganja Warrior Priest

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