Cannabis The Hippie Revolution

Clifton Middleton
3 min readJul 24, 2019

The Hippies were right about everything. The late 60s saw the world wide phenomenon of the Hippies with long hair, beards, new music and a new attitude towards life inspired by copious amounts of marijuana smoking. We were everywhere, the cities, the deep south, England, Russia, the Orient, literally the whole world was rebelling, not with guns, with ideas. It all started with the pot smoking. We experienced marijuana and knew it was a good thing and that the government had lied about pot and refused to change. This showed that if the government lied about pot they would and do lie about other things. Pot smoking became the symbol of the resistance.

The Hippies were the largest, great social movement of remembered history. We changed everything, our generation, the lames called us the Hippies, we called ourselves, Brother and Sister. We smoked some pot and wanted to start civilization over again, clean slate both sides, replacing the evils of slavery, capitalism, communism, politics, commerce and religion with a New World View of brotherhood and a shared destiny. We started with the idea of Universal Birthright, it is a ganja thing, an acknowledgment that everyone has a righteous claim to a share of the blessing, that the Earth and Life itself was an interdependent, shared inheritance. That is where the spirit of the ganja kicks in, that the more you share the more you get, the seed thing, that is how we rolled, when rolling really was a thing. The Hippies were right about everything.

We replaced alcohol with marijuana and that made all of the difference. The herb carries a spirit, a spirit of unfaltering righteousness that opened our minds to the hope and glory of peace and love. It was a moral and spiritual rearmament the likes of which had never been seen before. The music of the times records the vitality of the anti War movement, our disdain and rejection of the military industrial complex and the corrupt Nationalism it rode in on, fake patriotism. Our war heroes were the folks who refused to go, our support and defense of the soldiers was real, we will stop the War to protect and save everyone. The Hippies were against the Beast and it was a war but we replaced guns with pot and armies with communes growing organic food, yes the Hippies invented ‘Organic’ clean, natural living in harmony with nature. Are you starting to get the picture…

Clifton Middleton