Voting at polling places is voter suppression, mail is better by far.

Voting by mail or better yet the internet is far superior to polling places because voting requires thinking and takes a lot of time to do it right. This is easy to do at home but impossible with polling place voting.

The typical ballot has over 100 separate line items. We vote for Federal, State and Local representatives many of which we need to think about to make an informed decision. This can only be done in the privacy and security of your own home. Standing in line for hours and then rushing through your selections is a form of ‘voter fraud’ that encourages blind voting.

Forcing people to stand in line for hours on a single day at special places is the worst form of voter suppression. It is an antiquated and mistake prone activity that is irrational, inefficient and exclusionary. In our modern age it is just plain stupid.

Voting is the most important thing a citizen can do and is next to impossible to do at the polls. The ballots should be studied and the issues contemplated and decided upon in slow time, not the heated rush of election day.

The internet is good enough for the banks, the IRS and every government agency interacting with the public and is superior because it is auditable. We can verify identity easily. The cops can identify you within seconds. The government already knows who you are, fake IDs do not work except at the polling place.

Mail in ballots or internet voting is the only safe way to have an election in the time of Covid 19 and the only way we can have everyone vote. The only people against mail in ballots are those who can not win without massive voter suppression.

Ganja Warrior Priest

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