We have the numbers

Clifton Middleton
3 min readApr 4, 2022
We are Legion
Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Marijuana and how the Democrats can win the midterm elections.

Marijuana policy can determine the midterm elections and which party controls the House and Senate. There are seven battleground states where the contests will be close, expensive, and deeply psychological. Politicians will be looking for any way to differentiate themselves and the God of History has provided the Democrats with a once in a lifetime opening to change the course of American politics for generations. The Opening is Marijuana. The House recently passed a bill to reschedule marijuana. The Republicans, in a flurry of fear biting, are opposing it in the Senate. This can turn the Senate midterm elections into a single-issue decision, Marijuana, yes or no. Marijuana on the ballot is an emotional fire, a guaranteed extra 10 points.

Marijuana reform is favored by over 60 percent of all Americans, much higher, in the 80 percent range with Independents. Marijuana is a grass roots, get out the vote winning issue as the various state referendums have shown. Florida is a perfect example.

The Florida election in 2016 revealed the depth, strength, and width of marijuana support, winning with over 72 percent of the registered vote on a constitutional amendment. That is real political power and had Hillary support the cause she would be President today in her second term. She refused to give the people a ‘reason to vote for her’. She refused, too wedded to the irrational, racist lies about pot, caring more about her big Pharma doners than the freedom of the people. None of the politicians have a clue about pot because they do not partake and refuse to have folks around them who do. In Florida, Val could crush Rubio by simply saying it is time for ‘long overdue, common sense political reform. Marijuana should never have been made illegal.’ The ground swell of support would stun and amaze the political Sooth Sayers.

A gain of only two Senators would give the Democrats the ability to end the filibuster and usher in a new era of representative government. There are seven battleground states that offer easy opportunities to flip the Republican held Senate seat. Here they are:

Florida, Rubio is ahead of Val Demings in the polls but insiders say the key to victory will be independent voters. 80 percent of Independents support…