Chapter 5 Sophomore Year ~ Undefeated Almost

The beginning of 10th grade was beyond exciting. My classes were interesting Biology, French, Geometry and I joined the wrestling team. I did have a glitch when the Geometry teacher said that to take her class, Mrs. …

The start of my junior year was hopeful. I had worked all summer building high steel grain elevators. Everyone knows that high steel is dangerous but in those days the contractors hired young farm kids who would do anything to make $5.00 and by anything I mean climbing, working, welding…

All of us could see the hand writing on the wall. We had grown more corn than the market wanted to buy and gone into debt for fertilizer, seed, fuel and equipment to do it. No one had enough to pay the banks back so the Selling Out sales began…

Chapter One — Dirt Born

I was dirt born the son of a share crop farmer in 19 an 47 in an age that was before everything, really. Life on the farm was full of hard drama; that would be a combination of hard work, high hopes and endless conflict with nature, up close and…

What's Poetry

Take a small thing

And make it Big

Make my eye a Star

My mind, a fresh Twig

That's Poetry

That's poetry!

Take a small thing

And make it Big

Make my eye a Star

My mind a fresh Twig

The herb has a revolutionary history as the spiritual sacrament of social change. The pot laws are the foundation of the police state and systemic racism. Medical marijuana was simply the people demanding Self Government.

Clifton Middleton

Ganja Warrior Priest

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